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10-23-2008, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Greivier View Post
I'm surprised nobody found out yet but Verizon FiOS will be offering NHL Network and NHL Center Ice as of next week.

I was just on the phone with them since I had to order another STB and figured I would ask about NHL Network since the Charters are usually contracted out every November. To my surprise, NHL Network was supposed to be offered as of the 21st of this month but was pushed back until next week so they can offer both at the same time. They also said they were not told what the pricing would be until the release but they were assured it would be competitive. I'm assuming somewhere between $149-$169 for Center Ice and NHL Network should be free.
I hope to God you arent joking in the least. This is fantastic news. I am going to get my dad to get this for sure as my birthday is within the next 2 weeks. God this is so great if you are pulling our legs here.

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