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07-04-2004, 08:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Prucha73
Conroy was never a great assist guy in St. Louis, most of his assists in Calgary came because of Iginla. You put Rolston with Iginla and he will easily get 40 assists too. Many were pissed when Carter only scored 10 goals in 40+games or when Fleury scored 15 goals, how would you really feel when Conroy being out top center scores only 8-12 goals? Why is it OK for Conroy to get away scoring only 8 goals on the top line and still receive tons of praise?
I didn't say Conroy is a good playmaker based on his assist totals. I said Conroy is a good playmaker based on watching him play and watching him set up the players around him. It's not just because he plays with Iginla. He was never a great assist guy in St. Louis but he was never asked to play an offensive role. He was a checking center and played with checking wingers. In Calgary, he was asked to provide offense and he showed he can score goals (2 20+ goal seasons before his 8 goal year that you harp on) and make plays (128 assists in 237 games as a Flame, which averages to 44 assists over an 82 game season).

I just don't believe Rolston would do well here. He's never struck me as a bonafide offensive forward. He just doesn't have the offensive instincts. He's more of a 3rd liner with a big shot. Boston was a good fit for him, and that's why he managed to score 30 goals (once) and fell back to earth with a 19 goal campaign this year. I won't complain if Rolston signs with us, but he won't be the offensive threat that many think he will be.

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