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Twenty years of Soviet Hockey: 1962 - 1982

I'm going to post, over time, the complete resumes of the most notable Soviet forwards to compete in this era, which could be called the "Golden Era" of Soviet hockey. The dates selected are arbitrary, of course, but not without reason. They represent essentially the timespan which covers the beginning of Anatoli Firsov's Soviet League career and the end of Aleksandr Maltsev's.

My research has been devoted to forwards only, with a focus on bringing together into one place all available information regarding Soviet League and international (IIHF, Olympics and various Canada vs. World tournaments) scoring, all star and MVP voting, and all other relevant information. One of the biggest problems faced in the past when trying to evaluate Soviet players is that the information has been so disparate, so incomprehensive and spread out among various poorly organized sources. There is no for Soviet League and international data, no season scoring tables, etc.

This has been a laborious task for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that this information is hard to come by and rife with errors and inconsistencies among the various sources. I have tried, whenever possible, to reconcile these errors and create a composite picture of the truth through double and triple referencing of sources, but the conclusions are as imperfect as the data. I hope this research will be of value to the further appreciation and honoring of the careers of the players involved.

Before we begin, questions to consider:

- I would also like to open the discussion about Soviet MVP voting, observable trends in the voting results, possible problems with it, and its value in determining relative greatness among the players.

- We should also ask the question: to what extent has the legendary 1972 Summit Series distorted our perception of the Soviet players involved?

I will begin by posting full player profiles of the relevant forwards. Season-by-season breakdowns of Soviet League and international results will follow. A full list of sources will be posted for scrutiny at the conclusion of the project, and I invite any and all to fact check my work. So...first off: Anatoli Firsov.

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