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Anatoli Firsov:

Born February 1st, 1941 in Moscow, USSR.
Club team: CSKA

Soviet League top-5 scoring finishes:

1st (65-66), 2nd (66-67), 2nd (67-68), 5th (68-69), 5th (69-70)

*note* - first season in which full scoring data is available for the Soviet League is 70-71. Data from before 70-71 is only goals. Data as deep as top-10 scoring is available for certain seasons, but not for others. In order to reduce distortions and be as fair as possible to all players involved, I have therefore drawn the line at top-5 scoring finishes. At any rate, it wasn't such a deep league that finishing out of the top-5 scorers probably meant much.

Soviet League MVP voting finishes:

1st (67-68), 1st (68-69), 1st (70-71), 6th (71-72), 7th (69-70)

*note* - all available sources indicate that the 67-68 Soviet League season was the first in which MVP voting was conducted and a trophy awarded. Given Firsov's performances the two years before the 67-68 season, it is safe (though not certain) to assume he would have done well in the MVP voting had such a thing existed in those years.

Soviet League all-star:

(63-64) - (65-66) - (66-67) - (67-68) - (68-69)

*note* - these are 1st team all-star finishes only. Data is available for some seasons as deep as 3rd team all-stars in the Soviet League, but again, in the interests of reducing distortion and because the league was relatively shallow on high-end talent, only the 1st team selections have been included. The Soviet league 1st team all-star forwards seem to have been simply the three best forwards, regardless of position, perhaps reflecting a broader Soviet attitude that forward positions were largely interchangeable.


IIHF Best Forward:

1967 - 1971

IIHF all-star:

1967 - 1969 - 1970 - 1971

World Championships top-5 scoring:

1st (1967) - 1st (1969) - 1st (1971) - 3rd (1970)


Olympics top-5 scoring:

1st (1968) - 5th (1972)

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