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07-05-2004, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Blackburn2727
The rangers have a lot of prospects that could change a team thats defense has been criticized over the past few years. What do you think are good pairings. Also remember we still have vetrans poti, mironov, and kasperitis.

Heres my opinion

They looked really good together last season

Pock- Kasperitis
Pock is really young. Maybe kaspy can rub off some experience here.

Poti and lampman have really good shots and maye give us some offensive edge. Lampman is my sleeper. i no he can do good.

Now most of you are wondering wheres kendratiev? I think we should try him out in the AHL first. He definately should be recalled many times. He may also bring some competiontion to defense. Which has never happened in the passed.

The most important thing the rangers must do is get rid of Purintan. Someone please tell this guy were playing hockey, not football. I mean seriously can this guy actually skate fo once without looking like a hunch back?

Also trading away one of the vets for prospects or draft picks is good option to bring up kendratiev.
u want lamoman and poti together what are u out of your mind poti horrible on "d" and lampman with like 3 games in the nhl thats an awful pairing... my pairing would be something like..another thing u spelt both players names wrong it kondratiev( not ken) purrinton ( not purritan) well i dont know if i spelt the name right my self but for damn sure im closer than u are....

tyutin - kaspar ( nothing to say really tyutin will have an excellent season)
nycholat- pock ( what i would like to see but really doubt, im high on this pairing)
lampman - matvichuk/mcgillis ( ccouple god vets for lampman to work with )

please slats trade poti and rachunek.. pock and nycholat nycholat who can play a tough game to an extent but looks ok deensively hes 25 or 26 and think he will be great on this rebuilding nyr team and pock also looked very nhl ready even though it was only 8 games still impressed me very good offensively and looked pretty smart in his own zone we lucked out with signing him..

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