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10-24-2008, 06:02 PM
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There is some merit in Gainey's proposal. Blocks are still allowed, and encouraged. It's just the act of sliding on the ice with your whole body that is not allowed. Rarely is this type of block attempted. An example is on a 2 on one and the defenceman at the last minute dives and slides to block any pass attempt or low shot on net. This play would be a penalty. the "desperation move"

an article on how komi usually blocks shots, which would still be legal. You just need to keep one skate on the ice at least.

For me the alternatives that i have been hearing "bigger nets" "even smaller goalie equipment" etc are just not the answer. I am happy with the amount of offence, but i am not afraid to explore smaller, changes that all lead to a small increase in offence.

1. allow any type of curve a player wishes. The reason all along for the limit on the curve was mainly due to goalies not wearing masks before. most players will change their blade minimally cause you still need to shoot with it.

2. modify blocking like gainey suggests. Ya so diving to block a shot is a penalty just like hauling down the puck carrier.

3. expand the roster to 24, so that you can carry a specialist player like a goon or a shootout specialist.

4. there are many small things that can be done to increase offence. Changing the size of the nets is the stupidest thing to do to hockey.

edit: to be honest, every time i say out loud or hear on TV that making the nets bigger is stupid i say to my self. Why even defend such a stupid thing. People may think that it is actually a possibility. Cause if it happens, the game will lose me.

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