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10-25-2008, 12:53 AM
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Back from the Bell Centre. I cheered for Bute all night long but the ending was pure BS. That ref should get asskicked. However, we can't assume Bute lost that one 100%. He saw the ref going to Andrade corner (for no reason), so maybe that's why he took more time to get to his feet. Andrade deserves a rematch and Bute is not in the same class as Kessler and Calzaghe yet.

P.S. Did anyone hear what Larouche said in the interview after the fight? I was on my way out and I heard he said something like there was 5 seconds left in the fight, so it didn't matter how long the count was. If it is exactly what he said, I guess he's incompetent since you cannot be saved by the bell.

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