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10-25-2008, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Jaydee96 View Post
no, he wouldnt have. Bute went down with about 8 seconds left in the round.

he wont. This match was a mandatory defence so he is not obliged to give a re-match

as for the fight, I was at la cage au sports with friends sitting next to some mexicans. When the fight ended, they were going crazy, thought andrade won. then when they heard the decision I thought they were gonna break everything in their site.
I was going for Bute for he stole one tonight.

EDIT: watching sports 30, Andrade is protesting the decision
Bute apparently will give a re-match. Andrade wants it to be anywhere...preferably in the States.

Arturo Gatti said the 12th round was nothing but fatigue for Bute, he knows because it's happend to him.
I didnt see the match so I can't judge, but based on the vids by Clumsyhab, it's OBVIOUS it was fatigue...

Bute wasnt trying to defend (protect) himself, he wasnt even trying to grab or anything...

And as far as being robbed goes, sure the count look suspicious, but looking at Andrade's face after the 12th round it's not like he didnt receive a few good punches himself... you know...

and I don't see how Bute's rep could be tainted, it's not like he cheated or that he asked the ref to look at Andrade before or during the count... evenery one is saying he dominated most of the rounds so it's not like he didnt belong in the same ring!

I'd be curious to know though if he was really in a neutral corner or not, if he was then HUGE mistake by the ref, if he wasnt then STUPID mistake by Andrade... I mean, we do hear the ref telling Andrade to go in the corner, and more than once...

Sure it s**ks for Andrade as it was obvious that after 10 seconds (not the count, but real seconds) Bute wasnt OK, far from it... you see it in his face, when he got up, he was "out"... but, is it really the ref mistake or Andrade's ?

Let's hope for a rematch, on an evening I'm not working that is so both can have a chance to prove who's right!

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