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10-25-2008, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by gorman03 View Post
Just to point out a few flaws in this logic.

1. Hockey is played at a considerably faster pace/speed than any other sport, like football and soccer, thus leading to much larger collisions. Since these collisions occur at a faster rate wouldn't it be justifiable to say that athletes have less time to react to said collisions. Due to the fact they have less reaction time more of these hits/plays will be deemed cheap shots. There is absolutely no way that a referee can eliminate cheap shots. There are cheap shots in every sport including football and soccer, the fact that more occur in hockey IMO is due to the faster rate of play.

2. Since there is in essence no way to eliminate the cheap shot in hockey, players will always fight. This comes down to the fact that every player/team views a play differently. They even occasionally fight in baseball and basketball, although not very well.

3. There are plenty of skilled players that still throw the fists. If you wanted to eliminate fighting from the game guys like Iginla, Lecavalier, Morrow, Chara, Horton, Mike Richards, Phaneuf, Getzlaf, Doan, etc. wouldn't be able to play their game. Heck even the greats like Howe, Orr, Gretzky and Lemeiux dropped the gloves. The greatest Hab of all time, Rocket Richard, fought when need be.

I just don't see how it is feasible to eliminate fighting from the arguably the most physical game on the planet. Sometimes it comes down to the fact that a message has to be sent and I personally do not want to see a player miss an entire game just to send that message.

Also as a point I would like to make. Hockey players are generally very proud people, when called out they answer 90% of the time. I myself have been in several hockey fights, not because I picked it, but because I was called out and respected the player/team enough to answer for previous plays. I expect the same of all players playing professional hockey.
These are all great points but you won't change these peoples opinions because they have never played the game before and only rely on what they see with their tree hugging eyes. Anyway if by chance the Ducks hit Koivu from behind and he ends up on the injured list for 4 weeks , all these tre huggers will be happy to see BGL pummel the crap of the culprit. You see it's mainly people playing devils advocate trying to get a response to their arguements.

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