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10-25-2008, 08:48 AM
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From the IBF site.

3.When a contestant is knocked down, the referee shall audibly announce the count as he motions with his right arm downward indicating the end of each second of the count.

4. When a contestant has been knocked down, the referee will order the standing contestant to the farthest neutral corner and begin the count. If the contestant standing leaves the corner before the count has been completed, the referee shall discontinue the count and order the standing contestant back into the corner. The count will not resume until the standing contestant has returned to the neutral corner.

5. Three (3) knockdowns in any one round do not automatically terminate the fight. If in the referee's judgment, which must be keen and decisive, the knockdowns have been indecisive and clearly have no injurious effect upon the boxer, the contest may continue but with good sense and judgment and the boxer's welfare always paramount.

6. The bell will not save a boxer in any round of the bout. If a boxer is "downed" just before the 3-minute bell in any round, the referee's count shall continue and the bell will not ring until the boxer rises and his hands clear the floor.

This doesn't change the fact that Bute was KOed at the end of 12th round. And I expressed my position already. However, the point is the referee has enough ground to make a case for his actions in front of the IBF. Maybe the rule needs changing but.....

And please let's not start blaming Bute and calling him names. It's not as if they had all planned with the referees and Lucian paid a bribe behind the Bell center.

Lucian outboxed Andrade for at least 9 rounds. He made an overconfidence error at the end and this could have cost him the game (95%) - then he got lucky.

Did in never happen in Hockey that a team dominates a game, scores 4 goals, then at the end of the game the other team comes back and scores 3 goals and in the last seconds a debatable referee decision prevents them from winning? The issue is that in hockey there are tons of rematch opportunities (4 of 7) - not in boxing unfortunately.

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