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10-25-2008, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by rocketlives View Post
There will be a rematch and Andrade will probably win by KO in the first six rounds. Bute kept his title but, in my book, he's a tainted champion. He landed a lot of punches in this fight but he never hurt Andrade. Bute is a beautiful boxer but he lacks a knock out punch.

After being knocked down in the 12th, Bute was back on his feet within the required 9 seconds but he was still groggy and defenseless. The ref could hardly have declared the champion TKO'ed with only a few seconds remaining. However, he did take at least 10 seconds to convince Andrade to go to a neutral corner. Was such a long count justified? Andrade propably thought he was far enough from Bute but, in the end, if he failed to comply with the ref's orders, he has only himself to blame.
rocketlives, Andrade has the 2nd best chin in boxing, trust me he got banged like never before tonight... saying that Bute has no power is ridicoulous. In fact thats why Bute was so tired, because he was trying to knock him out, putting too much power in his shot.

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