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07-05-2004, 11:11 AM
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Maybe you should learn hockey before you make comments on my post. Gomez is not an above average player. He is a total non factor defensively. He has no physical element to his game. He's a poor goal scorer. His only asset is passing. Sorry but that doesn't make for an above average player. Gionta a very good player? That's a good one. Another guy that is poor on defense, a non physical factor and limited offensively.

I don't suppose a light bulb went off inside your dome after watching both these guys completely fall on their faces vs. big, physical, teams in big games the last couple years. It's always the same guys that carry the Dev's. Elias, Neidermayer, Brodeur, Stevens, Madden and the odd guy Lou picks up for the playoff run like Arnott or Langendope or Nieuwendyke.