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10-25-2008, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by El Gato Bodegero View Post
I know that site and I get your point but remember that 900 kids in a 20+ million population city is nothing remember that Canada has like 35 million so Mexico City is a country on its own.
Well, One of the things that Canada has are rinks on almost ever block. If not a rink, a pond. If not a pond, and out door rink with boards. All the rinks in Mexico city are full to capacity with skaters.

The next thing a rink needs in order to build hockey program is a pro-shop. Without it, it's slow growing.

The Pumas(UNAM) is the most important university and one of the biggest in the country.

I went to 5 Private different schools as a kid, 2 public schools, 3 High Schools and 3 universities and from all my life I only knew less than 5 persons who like hockey or follow it. Am not counting Mexicans who lived in canada cause most of them love it lol. Btw am not proud about my educational background
When I left Mexico with my family, we had spend almost three years there. My daughter, when she came back to the USA to go to school. Had to wait 8 months for the rest of the kids in her grade to catch up with her, in reading, math and science. The privates schools in Mexico are some of the best schools in the world. They had my little girl taking French, Spanish and English all at the same time. Here in the USA, you will see none of that until the kid reaches High School.

I love hockey and it can be done but it will never reach the same amaount of fanbase or gameplay level as Baseball or basketball.
Well, first, people have to get over that Dooms day attitude. Second, allot of people come to hockey games just to watch the fighting and not for the love of the game and the finesse of the game. I'm sorry, but base ball just doesn't have enough action for me.

Are you playing in Mexico right now? What city and what rink are you playing in?

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