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10-26-2008, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
You know human beings are really strange animals. We get use to anything. There are people who can get use to having a constant ringing in their ear and stop noticing it. William Shatner has that problem.

Now how does this relate to the Habs and Brisebois? The Breezer is constantly weak on defense. On some nights he's not as weak as others and some of us wet our underwear because of it. But we have gotten use to his ineptness and marvel at the fact that he's not horrendous every night. A team that has Brisebois playing regularly is not a stanley cup contender.

O'Byrne makes mistakes. O'Byrne is also 23 years old. There's a good chance he'll learn and develop. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that will happen to Brisebois.

Most of you Brisebois defenders justified his signing by saying he's a good 7th d-man. Let me ask you this: is Carbo using Brisebois as a 7th d-man?
This might be the most creative reply post I've read since I've been here.

I have no doubt that O'Byrne will someday be a solid top 4 defenseman in NHL. So my posts are in no way a slam against the kid.

Also yes I was one of the ones that supported Breezer being re-signed as a 7th defenseman for the Habs. Unfortunately since O'Byrne is struggling, and Cube's pre-season injury. Breezer has had to play a lot more than personally I would like to see.

My point isn't that I want to see Breezer play top 4 minutes. My point is that we need an alternative that will be better than Breezer to play those minutes. So that Breezer can go back to the role that we signed him for.

Some posters have suggested O'Byrne, Weber, Carle, etc... But as far as I'm concerned, none of them are a better alternative, not right now anyways. I think it's time that Gainey starts to look outside of the organization.

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