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10-26-2008, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by SufferingCatFan View Post
The Penguins suffer from an overabudance of riches at center. It makes no sense to resign Staal for $4mm plus to play 3rd line center so the sensible thing to do is to trade him. The challenge is that Pittsburgh has almost no cap room.

The trade that I would propose is J-Bo, and Krepps (solid, cheap, young 3rd line center) for Staal, Letang and Sydor (unwanted, throw in to balance cap impact). This allows the Penguins to go for the cup this season by adding a true, No. 1 puck moving D-man, who will play 26 minutes plus and solve the transition from defense to offense problem, as well as acquiring a 3rd line center replacement. It allows the Panthers to build for the future by acquiring the big, two center they need.
As much as I'd ****ing love to see JBo in a Pens uniform, I don't know if Shero would bite after He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and the UFA to be fiasco this summer. Again, just to reinforce my view, I would rather Staal not be moved at all before we see what he's truly capable of (meaning keep him around for at least a few years), but there are rumblings of him being really unhappy with his current situation in Pittsburgh as the 3rd line-shutdown center. I don't know how true those rumors ring, but if they're true, they're probably a pretty big issue for it to have been leaked. That being said, I would hope--for the good of Staal and the team--Shero would be able to package him and some other assets to a team where he'd be allowed to grow and show what he's really capable of. Oh yeah, and getting JBo in return would be awesome, hehe.

Long-story-short, I don't think Staal will be a Penguin after this season, barring some kind of revelation in Staal's mind as far as his salary cap value, seeing as how his agent is asking ~5mil a year.

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