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Originally Posted by CabbageLegs View Post
Have a great hug but don't try to change the game.
The game changes whether you want it to or not. Just the size and speed of the players has changed the game. Shift length has made what you see different from what we saw 30 years ago. The ability to inflict damage goes up and so will the safety rules.

The potential for serious injury drives things , it has in the past and will again. I'm not sure that I want to take away the player's ability to use fighting as a tactic just yet, but it'll happen at some point. A tough guy, probably in junior will target a non fighter and one time, when an injury occurs, an assault charge will stick and while we cry about how sports should be left alone, something will change. It might not be tomorrow, but it'll inevitably change.

Originally Posted by Licou View Post
My point is that a faster player would be way more effective playing with Lapierre and Begin.... Maybe I am wrong but, this is just my opinion
I don't think GL's linemates are good enough with the puck that having a more skilled player, or even a faster player would help much. They're supposed to keep th epuck in the attacking zone and they do it, so.....

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