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10-26-2008, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by rgolt View Post
his name is obyrne.....yes he may be young and may not be playing well but i think i can say with confidence that over 75% of the people here would prefer obyrne over the dreadful brisebois.....along wiht me
But thankfully, the team is run by professionals and not the people here that illustrate on a game in and game out basis that their knowledge of the game, coaching systems and strategies to combat other coaching systems is minimal at best.

I'll take Guy Carbonneau's picks to ice a lineup over anybody that posts here and I don't have to hesitate to answer.

These message boards were literally full of praise for the play of Ryan O'Byrne this seasons despite the fact he was struggling each game. There's a large consensus of people here that simply "decide" they like a player or for that matter "decide" they dislike a player and once that's done, amazingly, actual on-ice play no longer factors into their thoughts.

Case in point - Brisebois in last years playoffs or O'Byrne this year to start the season. In both cases I was amazed to find people commenting on their play in the games as if they'd not just watched the game I saw. (And, seemingly, Guy Carbonneau saw.)

Originally Posted by rgolt View Post
call me crazy but i was very impressed with alex henry in preseason and would like for him to get a chance....he may not do wel but right now i think i would prefer him over obyrne and defs breezer
You're crazy.

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