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Originally Posted by Randall Graves View Post
Ok that's a poor excuse for not becoming a better all around player. Yzerman was a scoring machine but what did he ever win? Nothing, he made himself into a selke caliber forward and the Wings started winning cups. If Ovechkin works at it, then I think he can make himself into a really good defensive player as well, which I think makes the caps a better team.

and why did the Wings win last year? In big part due to the fact that there three best players are all great two way players.
I hate the Yzerman example. Lets be clear about him. He was a 100 pt player from 87-88 til 92-93. That stopped when he was had significant injuries in the next two seasons. He never scored 40 goals again and was generally reduced to the 20s. His Selke season of 99-00 was his LAST decent season.

This was a player that had his 100pt ability taken from him. He did not voluntarily give it up. He made the best of what he had left. He is to be admired, but lets not take it too far.

Additionally, his final 100 pt season was his TENTH NHl season. It took him FIVE NHL seasons to have his first 100 pt season. Comparisons to Ovechkin are ridiculous.

Frankly the comparisons of the damaged and aging Yzerman becoming legend of a leader are closer to the current day Fedorov than the young Yzerman to the young Ovechkin.

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