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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
This is the smartest post in the thread. Brisebois certainly didn't help us win last night, but he wasn't the only reason we lost.

I don't see what more you can ask for from a #7 defenseman. He's +2 on the season and didn't cost his team a goal until his 7th game into the year (On the first goal last night he screened Halak). If he can play 40 games this year and be a +5 on the year with 7-12 points.. I don't we can complain too much.
I don't mind his being a bystander on Habs goals but it upsets me if he's a bystander when opposing forwards approach the net. The big forwards on Anaheim brushed him aside as though he were a fly.

Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
They didn't score when he was in the penalty box, although I agree that that should be a minus for the player in the penalty box (none of the other four though).

Stats are misleading, I agree. But if your 7th defenseman can be on the ice for more goals scored than scored against.. then he's doing his job.

Last night was the first time that Brisebois was on the ice for a goal against this season.. and while that doesn't describe if he's playing good or not, it describes that no damage has been done with him on the ice until last night.

If my #7 defenseman can finish the season as a + player (the same with my 13th and 14th forwards), then I'm a happy camper.
I've thought about giving a minus to the player in the penalty box but I realized that wouldn't necessarily be fair either. Suppose an opposing player is on a breakaway and a Hab can't quite catch up to him but hooks him. There's no penalty shot but the Hab sits in the box even though it's not his fault there was a breakaway. The opponents score on the resulting power play. Should that defender be singled out for a minus any more than a player who loses the puck in the offensive zone through a giveaway at the blue line?

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