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07-05-2004, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by free0717
How do you know if they are ready until you give them the minutes. look at the Penguins last year. They stunk the whole year and then the last 20 games, there players started coming around. We need to do the same thing. Its time to see which kids have it and which kids dont. It is time to start the construction at an NHL level of a core group of players. At this point at an NHL level, the only kid I can say is part of that group is Tyutin. Lets see if Balej, Pock, and a few others can join that group. We thought Nils Ekman was a career minor leaguer until San Jose gave him a chance and the guy scored 20 goals. Maybe next year Wiseman does the same thing for us if we give him a chance.
yeah and on that penguin team they had some vets to lead and guide them (more vets then we have now) in buchberger, bradley, eastwood, mckenna, wilson, aubin, tarnstrom, sim and morozov... lots of role players to go with kids, we currently have poti, jagr, holik, kasper, dunham, and then rfas like purinton and rachunek

as far as im concerned tyutin, balej, lundmark, and pock all have spots with this team, but im not just going to hand jobs out to kids like moore, lampman, weller, larose, heerema, wiseman, hollweg, kondratiev, labarbera and etc, i want them to earn them in camp and i want to make sure they will be up for the challenge

just throwing kids to the wolves can lead to injuries, bad habits (see lundmark), lack of development, or they just get used to losing and give up

we need kids to learn the right way, and for some of these kids it will be by getting experience in the minors and then getting called up when they are ready (ie tyutin)

i agree wiseman deserves a chance but he has to earn it, there is no purpose to just fielding an ahl roster so we can lose and some kids lose a year of development while kids like tyutin, pock, and balej lose all confidence

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