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10-26-2008, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
Yay go me! That was awesome, except I will probably never ever go there again. First off, North Jersey smells like absolute ****. I couldn't even leave my window down. Second, as nice as the arena is, everything inside sucks. Their food sucks, the set-up sucks, their fans sucks (all 10 of them that were there), and the ******* upper-level sucks. FF97, you were right about the steepness. I thought I was gonna die the first time I had to squeeze by people to get to my seat. Oh and did I mention that they have ****ing cheerleaders?!?! Not ice girls, girls that stand on the sides of the lower-level with ******* pom-poms. Seriously.
Told ya. I'm glad you got to see a win, but I have zero desire to go to that place--ever. A friend of mine took her daughters to a concert there and they sat in the top tier. She said she wouldn't even let them stand because she was so afraid that they were going to topple over. I passed on a ton of Bon Jovi tickets because his concert was at that place. The only thing that would get me there is a night with Eddie , and as long as they keep the Meadowlands open, that's (hopefully) where he'll be playing.

Let me ask you, since you drove, how was it leaving that place? I've heard stories that it is a pretty tough task.

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