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Originally Posted by HighlyRegardedRookie
How? Prucha is probably even-money to even BE an NHL player at this point. He's shown a lot of promise, but no one knows how his game will translate to North America. Prucha has a high top end, but all we have are some snippets of information to make us think there's much to him. He is undersized, which limits his game at this level. Some small players have made it, but to be something beyond average, you have to have some special skills and heart.

Murray, on the other hand, is going to be an NHL regular at this point. I voted for him as high as #8 or #9 I believe. Murray may never be on a scoring line, but he is showing signs that he will be a contributor in the league for many years. Three years from now, Garth Murray will be an established NHL player. With Prucha, his future is a lot more uncertain.
You are rigth that its hard to predict how a player will handle the transformation to the NHL but that can also be said about players like Jessiman, Immonen and Kondratiev among others. And Prucha isnīt exactly a midget, like Dawes , at 5ī10. He is always going to be a ligth weigth, he is around 170 now but is not stocky built so he will probably not add more then 10 lbs.

Its hard to be objective when polls like this are made and Murray is also a fav. of mine. He has allot of skill and hockey sense for a "checker" but needs to add some footspeed. Comparing him with Prucha is difficult. However if I were to compare Prucha with a simular player, Balej, I wouldnīt put much space between the two of them. Atleast not in Balejs favor. Balej has two inches and 15 lbs on Prucha but Petr is a much more slick skater and has shown that he can get the job done against bigger defensemen. IMO, and Iīve seen both players play allot I would say that Josef has bigger upside but that Petr probably have a bigger chance of making it, or atleast beeing more of a safe pick. There isnīt many snipers like Balej who makes it. Balej isnīt strictly a one way player but he wonīt be useful if he isnīt scoring at atleast a 25-35 goals per season rate on a 1st or 2nd line. Prucha is a dynamo in the Zetterberg/York mold and is a great complement player. He has world class speed and agility and can take the puck up ice like the best of them. He is restless on the forecheck and effective around the bords. He has a great nose for the net with a complete set of skills around it(hand eye coordination&instincts ect.). Prucha would be a great fit on any line.

My top ten would be
1. Montoya - Higest celling...
2. Tyutin - Doesnīt have a higher upside then Prucha but Dīs ranks higher IMO.
3. Prucha - Upside=Kouivo Downside=York/Zetterberg
4. Balej - Upside=Hejduk Downside=journeymen
5. Lundqvist - Not a natural to the same extent as Montoya. Best in Europe...
6. Jessiman - Has together with Korpikoski allot more to prove...
7. Murray - Priceless combination of attitude and instincts.
8. Korpikoski - Unproven but scouts love him, havenīt seen him play.
9. Kondratiev - Coachable, great attitude. Allaround but could improve his skating.
10. Immonen/Pock - Both deserves to be on a top 10.. =)

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