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10-27-2008, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by TheFly View Post
First of all, I not getting mad with anything right now, the question of the thread was why isn't the second line working and I gave you an answer, yes I realize that it's 7games into the season and I'm making an observation.

Second, I'm not denying that Kovalev can't pass or that he doesn't pass at all, I am aware that he can, but right now from game 1 till now, Kovalev is not using his line mates properly and the Tanguay goal showed that if he would pass the puck a little more often, like he did last year, the line would click again.

Third, they are not generalizations, they are observations and pretty obvious ones, why you are getting mad I have no idea. No one is denying Kovalev's skills or what he contributes to the team, right now he is trying to do everything by himself which is not one of the reasons why the line was so successful last year, they were successful because of their tape to tape cross ice passes that drove the defense inside out, now all that's happing is Kovalev entering the zone trying to deke 2-4 ppl and is losing the puck.

Lastly, where does Halak come into the arguement and 52 shots? That's totally irrlevant, we are talking about Andrei, Plekanec and Kovalev.
agree 100%

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