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10-29-2008, 05:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Cupmonger View Post
I just came back from the bell center, overall an ok game...
Just that BS 2nd goal. I was near Price when it happened, so I was able to see it. He was getting up while it was shot back at him, he didn't notice it till it was in. Was a fluke goal. Yea so so game, fun and mediocre moments. The crowd in the lower areas, are so boring, my cousin and I were yelling alone the hole time, people were staring... lol fun
People make me laugh when they say The Bell Center has the loudest fans when the lower sections are like zombies. And it come across on tv too wheras the people on the lowest sections from other towns do things like slap on the glass and things like that to intimidate, in Montreal it's very quiet.

Originally Posted by CabbageLegs View Post
Trap sucks, Habs don't !!! Go Habs Go !!! Go Gui Go !!! Go SK Go !!! Go Ryno Go !!!
and anyone else you guys feel like criticizing !!! Damn it's agood thing we are 6-1-1, because i probably wouldn't be here if we were 1-6-1.
If it doesn't make you sick when your team steal a game, then maybe you shouldn't be watching sports at all. And i'm not talking about a dramatic comeback here.

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