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10-29-2008, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
Let's face it giving hits, it's not like it was 10, 15, 20 years ago because the game has gotten faster, the guys with special regiments have become machines on ice and the checking has become more agressive from top to bottom. Not to mention the protective gears have become like mini armors.
Then changet the equipment, not the rules.

Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
So that when you go at full speed with the kind of body and condition the guys are these days and with these gears and hit a region of the body like the head that is less protected it can become as dangerous as a car accident.
That is why you keep your head up. If someone goes for the chest and they somehow hit your head who's fault is that?

Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
Not only that but the guys have less respect toward one another like they used to. What used to be hard open ice body checks given by the likes of Normand Rochefort, Ray Bourque, Denis Potvin where they were hitting only the chest on purpose(cause that's what a good check is), now the guys are aiming for the the head without remorse. Not to mention that the boards are harder than the old rinks so when you have a mix of all of this, the result is what happened to Andrei Kostitsyn.
Boards give way to pressure and aren't completely rigid so there is no reason why you should mention them. Plus the issue isn't even about hits on the boards, it is about open ice hits.

Plus if someone intentionally goes for the head then yes there should be a penalty and there is on in place. However just because someone is hit in the head does not mean there should be an automatic penalty/fine in place.

Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
Change the Rules. That's pretty much it. Checking someone on the head has now become outlawed. I've always thought the hit on Lindros by Stevens was cowardly when others were saying "classic". And now people are realising it.
Lindros had his head down. Stevens didn't use an elbow or his arms to make a check. It was clean but Lindros put his head down and got clipped by his shoulder. Nothing cowardly about it. Checking someone in the head has always been outlawed but if there is no intent there isn't a penalty and there shouldn't be.

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