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10-29-2008, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by FromDubiToZherdev View Post
He already has 1/4 of the points he had in 82 games last year. So far he has played in all 12 games. Mathematically, Girardi will most probably reach 28 points at the 48 game mark. His projected point total for this season is 48 points(correct me if I am wrong). His shot is a "could-be" bullet and not once have I seen his shot go wide.
Well, by this same logic, the Rangers will "most probably" end the season with 130 points. I don't think that even the biggest homer would try to make that claim with a straight face. Girardi is on pace to score that many points, but I really doubt that he keeps it up for the entire season. I absolutely LOVE the kid, but I think we'd be getting ahead of ourselves if we started to expect him to approach the top 10 defenseman scorers.

I mean, by most accounts Rozsival had a very good offensive season last year. He was our #1 defenseman, #1 PP point man, and he managed all of 38 points last season. To expect Girardi to get 25% more than that while playing a lesser role is a bit unrealistic.

To answer the question, though, I think Girardi is at or near his potential right now, and may top out as a #3 or so. Having added that to the roster without dropping serious cash or even using a draft pick is amazing, and his role in this team's success cannot be overstated at all.

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