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10-29-2008, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
It hasn't been 2 average games it's been 3 brutal ones where he looks lost and isn't hustling like he did in the first 5-6 games. I don't care if he gets any points, that'll come on that line, it's not Lats bashing, it's an opinion that he's floating and out of place on that line for the last 3 games.
Originally Posted by Habsolutely
You know what needs a rest ? The actual trend on calling the "lats bashers" just because people express opinions about him.

Now THAT'S starting to be an old song.
Wow, you guys live in denial...

Why are you only singling out Lats? Why not O'Byrne? Or Komi? Or the Kost brothers, who are invisible on the ice and not only for the last 2 games?

Your hate for the player is beyond reasonable, yet, you aren't bashing him.

The fact is that Lats, just like many other players on that team, doesn't play like he should. But he's far from the only one, but it's so much easier to see how badly a player you hate plays.

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