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10-29-2008, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Rayne View Post
Flames fans look goofy regardless.
That's pretty funny.

Hab-a-Manica why would you bring your red jeresys and wear your white ones? That's a bit odd isn't it. Why not just wear the white ones and leave the red ones at home? It's no big deal. I just found it curious why anyone would bring more than one jersey to a game.

Remember guys to tell everyone you know(except Flames fans ) about this. That's the whole point. We need everyone(even if you're not going to the game) to spread the word. We've got lots of time to get it out there.

Originally Posted by Coado View Post
Hey guys, I'm moving to Calgary on the 8th of nov. Just wondering how hard it would be to get tickets to this game? Any game at that..
For face value for this game Coado? Probably really hard. the day tickets go on sale they'll be gone instantly. I'd keep an eye on stubhub, and ebay for now and if something comes up grab them just for peace of mind. There isn't much on there right now but as the game gets closer things will start popping up. Then the day they go on sale see what you can get through Ticketmaster. Trust me if you end up with extra tickets for thsi game they will not be hard to get rid of.

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