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10-29-2008, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
I too would like to see the CAT line together, but I have a feeling Lat's days are numbered on the GAS line which seems to running out of its own.

Carbs now has to do a whole remification. If they lose against Minny, expect big changes.

Carbs might just put the two bros with Pleks, which had good success in camp.

Higgins with Tangs and the Cap.

Lats with Lang and Kovy.
I'm not sure if changes will happen if we lose against Minny. But if we don't do well on this upcoming road trip. I could definitely see a little bit of line juggling going on.

Originally Posted by bwoar View Post
No line changes!

God DAMN but you guys need a bit more patience with a winning team.
I understand your point bwoar. I hate seeing lines getting mixed around all the time too. But we have a few players that aren't quite playing up to their potential. Or seem to not quite fit in where they are right now.

So maybe try a little line juggling. If it doesn't work, they can always be put back the way they were.

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