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10-29-2008, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Oh, here we go again

Seems to me that the "dumb" idea of three scoring lines has worked well so far in terms of production and countering the adversary's production.

You know, it's not because you don't agree with an idea, that it's necessarily dumb.

Not all players produce at the same time, and it is still a work in progress, as the PP is not full geared yet, and some players are still adjusting to new linemates, and we had only one game with the complete lineup, with Higgins and AKost being absent for quite many games.

For a "dumb' idea, I wonder how it got us 13 points out of 16, I also wonder who's the wisest between The great HF poster known as Bwoar, or Guy Carbonneau.

Wait, don't answer that last one.
Yep, here we go again Ozy. Somehow I don't think this is really about me vs. Carbo but if that's your only dodge then I also doubt anyone is thinking that either.

I am not in favour of shifting the lines currently. But if someone were hellbent on doing it, I would find a defensive line out of these players as the problem is not scoring but preventing shots/goals. And by "the problem" I mean "the only thing I could possibly complain about after such a hot start."

Lemme make it convenient for you. Since you missed it, I said:

Not yet. Some of these guys just need to get going. Higgins has barely played, for instance. Plekanec is snakebitten, juggling him won't change that.
Right after my first post:

No line changes!

God DAMN but you guys need a bit more patience with a winning team.
And yeah, having 3 scoring lines that aren't playing good D when we don't have an all-star top 4 on the blueline is stupid, it will cost us games, and it will make advancing in the playoffs a dicey proposition at best. Carbo & Co. can quote chapter and verse on Detroit and how they did it but THIS TEAM IS NOT DETROIT and we can't do what they did the way they did it.

Get used to it, because I'm not going to change my tune until this team shows it can prevent the goaltender from having to make 30+ saves every night.

Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
I agree with giving players like Plekanec and Higgins more time. But I don't think we have the players to set up the type of line that you're looking for.

Running with 3 "scoring" lines causes a lot of problems for opposing coaches. We've seen it so far as opposing teams currently seem to be concentrating more on Plekanec's line. While Lang's and Koivu's line seems to be watched less.
Yeah I've heard that, and seen the on-ice the result, sometimes it's okay and sometimes not. I agree, we don't really have any one guy who can shadow properly, so we're kinda SOL for having a shutdown line. Wait until the playoffs, this place will be howling about it.

I'm most surprised that Higgins' return didn't land him on Koivu's line.... he's trying to find himself and start his season, you would think putting him with his usual center would be helpful; there's also good reasons NOT to break that line up as it is. Of note I see Latendresse skating faster this year.... he's gonna have a good second half this year.

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