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10-29-2008, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Doc Holiday View Post
Then changet the equipment, not the rules.
Why?..the equipments are better, but more dangerous.
It's called evolution, the equipment got better, now it's time to adapt to it and new rules.

Originally Posted by Doc Holiday View Post
That is why you keep your head up. If someone goes for the chest and they somehow hit your head who's fault is that?
I'll give you 1 000 000 000 000 000$ if you can play hockey without looking down once.
The ''keep your head up'' argument is the dumbest one anybody can use.

Originally Posted by Doc Holiday View Post
Plus if someone intentionally goes for the head then yes there should be a penalty and there is on in place. However just because someone is hit in the head does not mean there should be an automatic penalty/fine in place.
Yes, that's exactly what it should mean. Why in God's name should head shot be permitted??..What is the point of hitting the head other than Knocking someone out?? Legal or not, it's dumb and cheap.

Originally Posted by Doc Holiday View Post
Lindros had his head down. Stevens didn't use an elbow or his arms to make a check. It was clean but Lindros put his head down and got clipped by his shoulder. Nothing cowardly about it. Checking someone in the head has always been outlawed but if there is no intent there isn't a penalty and there shouldn't be.
There's a reason why Stevens was renowned to be a beast. He loved open ice hit and always made sure the head was the Bull's eye, that's why he injured so many people.
It doesn't matter whether he used his shoulders, elbows, or wtv. Point is, he always for some reason went for the head.

To me, there's nothing better than a clean open ice hit and see the guy get back up to finish his shift. That's truly great.
But how can anybody be for seeing a player lay motionless on the ice with some blood dripping every now and then?..Whether it's a ''clean'' hit or not is completely irrelevant. It should be penalized so that the players become more sensitive to this issue.

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