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Originally Posted by Ross MacLochness View Post
Did I suggest that? No.

But if our 5-on-3's and 4-on-3's continue to fire blanks like they have been, then yes there should be a change. Just like everything else in hockey, if something doesn't work, you make changes. Nothing should ever be set in stone and Lang shouldn't be guaranteed all prime 5-on-3 time just because he's a Righty.

Koivu always looks amazing at the start of the year. He will go though his share of offensive slumps this year.

And to me Tanguay has been unimpressive at the point. He might be better up front. I also don't like having A Kostitsyn's skill and shot sitting on the bench on a 5-on-3.

I personally would give this a chance one time.

Markov- AK46

Maybe a couple goals on a 5-on-3 might be what wakes guys like Plekanec up. Wouldn't that be a good thing? having more players playing to their potential? The guy put up 30 goals and 70 points last year. He has the skills.
Tanguay is the guy having the most goals/points on the PP, yet you find he's unimpressive? The problem is not where the passes come from, it's the players up front who just can't buy a goal...

The power play is NOT struggling... We're making great things. Markov still has to adjust to the shooter role, etc etc...

Anyway, I don't even know why we're debating, Carbonneau is not going to change anything anytimes soon on the PP. The puck is circulating too well... Take two Kovalev posts and count them as goals, it's a totally different story.

It would be clueless to start everything once again from scrap, and to ask the players to build a chemestry with a brand new dynamic. We have to keep things stable if we want them to grow a chemestry or else, we're going to go back at the starting point.

Forgot to say/write : Pleks has to work harder if he wants to get things going. Sorry, but he is not getting his hands dirty at all at the moment... I know it's not his type of game, but he hasn't been playing like a guy who wants to get out of its slump in the last game.

Nothing against Plekanec, but he has to make it work himself. He gets quality minutes on the 5 on 4 and on ES, we can't afford to give our slumping players time on the 5 on 3 just to help them with their confidence... You put your best elements in these situations.

I agree with a point though, AK46 would be a great addition to the 5 on 3.

I'd go with :

AK46 - Koivu - Kovalev
Tanguay - Markov

We agree on some points, but I'd let things as they are as far as Tanguay - Markov are concerned.

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