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10-30-2008, 06:02 AM
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I think Slats have 3 options really.

1. To sign him to a cheaper contract that covers the period before Dubinsky becomes a UFA. 5 years right?

2. To sign him to a expensive contract that takes him 3-5 years into UFA. Like 8-10 years. Like Richards.

3. To sign him to a 1 year deal untill both sides get a clearer picture just how good Dubinsky is. Like with Avery.

IMO option 1 really fits us the best. Slats needs to be able to get a few guys like Dubi, Staal and Zherdev into "bridge-contracts" like that. With Gomez, Drury, Redden and Lundqvist its not a good fit for us to give Dubinsky a Mike Richard type of contract. I am sure its a great deal for Philly, but they don't have as much typed up in players the comming 5 years as we do.

And signing a cheaper contract like that, that takes a player into UFA, can many times definitly turn out to be the best option for the player. Look at Zetterberg for exampel. He is making like 2.5m per right now. He will probably be a Hart Trophy candidate this season, he could even win it, he have won the Conn Smyth. If Zetterberg would have hold out for a shorter contract at like 6m per, you have to take two major players off Detroits roster. Last season Detroit could never have afforded Stuart, and Holmström would probably have been dumped in the off season. Detroit would have struggled allot more atleast to win a cup without thoose 2...

Now Zetterberg probably will get like 8 years and 9.5m per or something. If he had not won a cup, if he had not won a Conn Smyth -- how much would he get then? 8 years and 7m per? 6m per? His big payday will more then make up for what he have lost by beeing criminally underpaied the last 2 seasons.

And its really the same with Dubinsky and Zherdev. How competetive we will be in NY the comming 2 seasons will highly depend on how much thoose 2 are making. If Dubi wants 5.5m per and Zherdev 6m per for like 3 or even 8-10 year deals, we won't be able to contend in the near future.

If Dubinsky takes like 3.75m per for a 5 year contract, he is financially secured for the rest of his life -- and he will play the comming 5 years on a really strong team. Then when he becomes a UFA, he could definitly be in for a huge payday.

Its the same with Zherdev. If he signs a 3 year deal, at like 3.75-4.25m per, he will play on a strong contending team. 3 years from now he's due for a huge payday if he can take advantage of that. If he wants 6m now, it will be allot tougher for NYR to be competetive. And allot tougher for Zherdev to put up numbers in the future.

It could be a tough sell for Slats. But if this team is gooing to be successful he just needs to get it done. Like Lou L in NJ where able to do with Parise. Parise is making 3.1 for 2 more years.

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