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10-30-2008, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by AK2794 View Post
This is my line of thinking as well. He hasn't stepped up when Prucha clearly has separated himself from Fritsche. Prucha earned the right to play again, while Dan really hasnt done much at all this season.
Three things you're not considering:

1) We don't know what each player is doing in practice. Maybe Fritsche is consistently better than Prucha in practice, but that hasn't translated into live action yet.

2) We don't know if Prucha has any injuries, minor or otherwise, or maybe a case of the flu. Maybe he actually needs a night off to get back to 100%.

3) Prucha is still the odds on favorite to be traded because of his contract. Maybe he's being held out to prevent a possible injury because a deal is in the works.

Maybe none of that is the case here. Maybe Renney just wanted to give Fritsche some time and he didn't like the line combinations with both he and Prucha in the lineup.

But all that aside, what has Prucha actually done to deserve to stay in the lineup? I don't care what anyone thinks Dawes has or hasn't done, or what Fritsche has or hasn't done. That's isn't the point. What has Prucha done? Yes, he works hard, but what are the tangible benefits of that work? He drew a penalty that led to a goal by someone else. That's pretty much it.

Again, I'm not saying that Dawes or Fritsche deserve playing time over Prucha. I'm saying that Prucha doesn't deserve to be an every day player. Right now those 3 players are pretty much interchangeable. None of them have contributed to the point where it would matter if they weren't in the lineup.

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