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10-30-2008, 05:22 PM
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Stickhandling Weakness

This is a part of my game that's been bugging me. Not my actual skill at stick handling, it's good enough for the beginner level I play at, but rather about 20-30 seconds of continuous stickhandling just kills my right arm (I shoot left). I don't notice it during a game because I'm not going to have the puck that long, but it really hampers my ability to practice stickhandling. I've just started a beginner level power skating program again for the 3rd time, and I'm the only one who seems to have this problem, and it's only with my stickhandling.

It's not the type of pain that'll leave me sore the next day, but rather that burning sensation you get if for example you hold your arms over your head for too long or something similar, except around my bicep area. Any know which muscle group I need to target to improve this, and some simple excercises for it? I'm a physically fit guy, 6' and 190lbs, with good strength from the shoulders down, but i'll admit I have rather wimpy arms.

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