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Originally Posted by Dogbert View Post
You can't ban hits to the head, because the game moves so fast nowadays that the difference between a hit to the head and a hit to the chest is a fraction of a second; in addition to that, the disparity in height between players is larger now, so taller players like Chara can't help but end up hitting smaller guys high. You can severely penalize hits that target the head, like flagrant elbows (which is what the OHL has done), but cracking down on every hit that grazes one's melon will lead to no more hitting being done at all.

I feel that the problem could be remedied by doing something that would make players think twice before throwing a huge hit. Perhaps the threat of being pounded into the ice by some massive enforcer would dissuade them?
I agree with a lot of what you say is I don't believe deep down that a lot of these hits are imtentional, strictly in terms of headshots. I think that there's an issue with the willingness involved to give the big hit.

Last night, Mtl-Minny, a relatively tame game, hits, but take out hits mainly, A.Kost. was in the corner in his own zone, whether he stumled, fumbled with the puck I'm not sure but he went down low. A Minny player was skating to the point ahead of him where th eplay seemed to be going, and when AK got into a vulnerable position, he hammered him. I don't think the guy had much intention to hit him until he saw him get caught like that.

That's he intention that bothers me. It was a quick play and I admit I may have mis-read it, but it's the type of play that imo is the root of the issues we've been talking about.

As to your last paragraph, Craig Button was on OTR, they were talking about Ruutuu/Avery type players and he was of the opinion that like in the 50's, a good stick in the teeth would discourage them. Well maybe it worked then. Maybe a Red Storey would let players get even. The reason I disagree with you is that the stakes are so high in terms of financial security, you'll see an endless supply of players willing to be a holes.

Purely on a revenge instinct, I have as much bllod lust as anyone else, but I don't think it's a deterrent. I hear Cherry expressing this opiniuon and I just don't believe that he understands what players are willing to do to make and stay in the league.

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