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**Soccer prospects rankings by leagues**

Post here your list! (whichever European league you're covering)

here are the rules and some suggestions:

-The list should be intended as the order you would follow if you had to draft all these players (just like an NHL GM) assuming you will be able to use them for the next ten years.
You can/should take everything into consideration:
of course age, position (one position can be more important than another in someone's opinion), potential, present skills, head (brain)...
so the list should not be based (only) on who you think are the best now or just for the next year.

-to determine which 'prospects' are eligible i would suggest three options to the authors:
a)- Like we have been used to do, use a 1985 cut off until the end of the present season (Summer 2008)
b)- Use an under23 limit.. meaning that with reference to the date you're posting your list, all the players ranked need to not be 23 yrs old yet.
c)- Use a cut-off year that automatically assures no player can be older than 23 during the year in which you're posting your list: this means 2006 would be the cut off for the lists posted in 2008, and so on.

Choose what you prefer, just make clear on top of your list which criterion you chose.
Each player that played last year in a European league and respects that criterion is considered a 'prospects' eligible for the list of that particular country.

-if the prospect played less than 20 games (since joining it) in the last league where he has been playing, then he will be eligible ALSO for the league's list where he used to play before.
There is one exception to this rule:
if the player left for a foreign country before turning 18 and spent abroad at least three full seasons, he won't be eligible for his native land's lists no matter how many games he has played in the foreign leagues since joining (even if less than 20)

-The lists can be as long as you want and should provide some descriptions of the players, from two adjectives to full reports, depending on your knowledge, will, time in the readers!

-informations required in the list:
birth date*, position, nationality, team.
Some further infos could help, especially for the countries we will have less lists (Portugal,Spain..):
next team if it's going to change, height, weight (even if this one is rarely reliable).
Also, it could help specify how much closely you have been following that league.

*if writing the birthdate you use numbers for months, follow this standard: day/month/year .

During the next step everyone who posted a list will be asked to compile his overall top 50 ranking ( 50 it's just a try, we will decide later, and keep in mind that descriptions won't be necessary there..)

A further and last step will occur later when we will merge (with a weighted method to be decided) all the overall lists to come up with the ultimate HFboard soccer prospects ranking.

and now, i'm waiting for your lists!!

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