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10-31-2008, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by gravytrain6t View Post
What are we going to do? We were 25th on offense last season. With all the line juggling you can think of. What are we going to come with that's going to raise that stat significantly. I said to go with the Gomez, Naslund, and Drury line. If Drury can't score playing with these two guys who can really move the puck than I'm not sure he should be making 7mil a year. This is a team that's going to have to win on team defense and Lundqvuist. Why will the Playstation line break down and implode? If it does. That's what we're paying Gomez, Naslund and Drury the big bucks for.
I don't want Renney to juggle lines throughout the entire year, so I'm not too upset that he's doing it now. I'm hoping that he's getting it out of the way so the team can build more line chemistry for the rest of the season.

I wasn't saying that the Playstation line is certain to break down, I was simply saying that you can't rely on one line to carry your offense. We tried that with Straka, Nylander and Jagr and it didn't work. What Renney is trying to do right now is jumpstart some of the struggling players. How do you do that? Put some of your solid players on their line and see what happens. Prucha got time with Dubinsky, who has probably been our best forward thus far. Drury and Naslund got time with Zherdev who has been great and they've been improving because of it.

I'd love to sit here and tell you what's going to work, but I really have no idea. I still don't like Dawes on the wing with Gomez, but everyone tells me they have chemistry. I don't particularly like Naslund on a line with nobody to set him up either.

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