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Well just say we have the play station line. That's one line (maybe our top line without the biggest contracts on it). If we can't get a second line going that consists of Gomez, in between Naslund and Drury than I give up. I don't understand. Jagr was able to play with Nylander and Dubinsky but not with Gomez. And now Drury can't play on the rw next to Gomez (one of the best assist men in the game. Naslund for that matter too, is a good all around scorer). This should be automatic. The playstation line and Gomez, Drury and Naslund line. Renney had them together and must keep them together. If Drury is making 35 million for 5 years and can't score on a line like that then there is seriously something wrong here. As far as the third line. I liked the way Korpokoski looked centering Cally and Prucha during the pre season. They were a relentless, quickm and excellent forechecking line. Of course that line was broken up A SAP. The bottom line though is winning. And so far that's what we have been doing.
The real problem they are facing is that Gomez is a lot like JAgr in that he has to play with certain line mates. He is not plug and play like Dubi is. And he is too old and set in his ways to change his play style to compliment his wingers. Gomez will be traded by next season anyways.

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