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10-31-2008, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
Renney's the head coach - he is responsible for the PP. I don't buy into the notion he doesn't run it. If it's not working, either he speaks to his coach about ways to improve it, because as coach you have a vision and your assistants should follow that vision, or, as coach, you bring in an assistant you feel will do a better job and be on the same page as you.

As for the second round exits...I actually totally disagree that the lack of talent is what ultimately did the Rangers in. If you're going to give credit to coaches for wins, then credit them for losses. He had Jagr, who was doing quite well. He had Gomez, who as a Devil, was more productive in the playoffs than as a Ranger, and an improvement, presumably by superior coaching, may've been a difference maker in a game or two which may've been a difference maker in a series. He had Drury, who under Ruff figured out a way to score goals at a higher clip than under Renney. He had Lundqvist, who is quite a good goaltender, and did play well enough for the Rangers to win one more game than they did against the Pens. Maybe Renney had the pieces but couldn't put them together. Again, if he's going to get credit for getting them to the second round, then he deserves criticism for not getting them past the second round.

And I'll bring back Ron Low...yes, everybody hated Ron Low and thought he sucked. Everyone, including Oilers fans talked about how the Oiler won despite him being the coach (and he did coach a team that ovreachieved to get to the second round twice - a similar accomplishment to Renney, who everybody believes is coach of the year). And everyone remembers the teams Low coached - they were bad - but everyone probably remembers when a top line was going, and goaltending wasn't letting in soft goals (something that's tough to coach), the team was actually in a playoff spot.

Determining who a good coach is vs. a bad coach is like a popularity contest. If people agree with what a coach has to say more than they disagree, and if that coach's team wins, he's a good coach. If they agree with that coach very often and his team loses, it's because his team failed him. I really don't understand how we can have it both ways.

I happen to like Renney. I happen to think he knows exactly what's going in his team and exactly what's wrong. However, I often dispute that he doesn't know how to correct problems and assess in-game situations and this is what kept the Rangers from going past the second round when they had some decent teams, and is what separates a good coach from being a great coach.
One question, who did Renney have on the ice when Drury scored for Buffalo to tie it? Wasn't it Jagr, Nylander and Isbister? They had to ice it and couldn't get off. I'm sorry but those 3 should not be out there at that time.

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