Thread: GDT: Preds at Caps....10/28
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10-31-2008, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by vopatsrash View Post
-Like Nashville, the upper level was full and there were a lot of empties in the lower bowl. Unlike Nashville, most of those empties were probably sold.

-It really hit me sitting in that arena how easy it is to be a fan of a team like that, where you can just go to a game and enjoy it. When I was surveying the crowd and saw the empties in the lower bowl, my gut instinct went into ďoh know, itís another night of bad attendance.Ē Then, I realized I wasnít in Nashville and they donít have to worry about that.

It made me think about how, as a Nashville fan, every game feels like a fight for the survival of the team. You worry about the empty seats when you get there, then hope the team wins in an exciting way so the fans/corporations that are there get sucked into the experience and buy more tickets. In Washington, I just watched the game and enjoyed it. When I go to games of other teams I root for in other sports, I just watch the game and enjoy it. Seeing the Preds in another arena really highlights how difficult it is to be a fan of this team on an emotional level.
Great write up. Agreed with everything above. You really hit the nail on the head with this. I can't even really just sit, relax, and enjoy the game anymore when I watch this team.

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