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10-31-2008, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by HamrlikTheStud View Post
hmm... not quite. If Latendresse, Koivu and Tanguay somehow keep on playing like they are right now, forget it, they're not going to be split up. They're one of the most productive lines in the game right now.

Higgins may be a better/more complete hockey player right now, but as far as offensive vision is concerned, Latendresse is at least just as good. I'm also sure Lats has better hands and a better shot than Higgins.

Higgins looks good because of its speed/hustle. But as far as pure talent is concerned, Latendresse is ahead. He, IMO, has as good a pair of hands as Sergei Kostitsyn... Sure Sergei has 10 times the vision of Lats, is faster, and is more agile, but as far as deking is concerned, Lats is beaten by really few guys on the team. He's top-3 on the team to protect the puck besides the boards IMO.

You're sure that Lats has better hands and a better shot than Higgins... really, based on ????

If Lats really does have better hands and a better shot, then why is HE not on the PP???

In regards to dekeing... lats doesn't hold a candle to the top 5 forwards on this team... and if you look carefully during a breakout, he can't make a 5 foot pass to a streaking Koivu or Tanguay. Hey... don't believe me, just look CLOSELY at his passing during the next game.

Do me a favor, the next game, count how many times Lats goes in the corner with an opposing player and count how many times he come out with the puck... it'll be less than 50%... so he's no "power forward" either.

Let's agree to disagree on this and see what happens during the season.

But I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that Higgins will outscore Lats this year as well and by a significant margin.

One last point... why is Lats never mentioned in trade rumors but Higgins is constantly... maybe its because the rest of the league see Higgins as a defensively responsible, hard working character play who can get you 30G and 30 A and still has an upside to him.

I wish more HABS fans would see the potential in this guy that many GM's around the league do... thank god Bob does!

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