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10-31-2008, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
I never was a big Lats fan and on top of it all the Habs I think screwed up his development by bringing him up too early.

So I find it funny that at training camp the papers claimed Lats was the 5th fastest skater on the team (I almost lost a lung laughing at that) and now you're pulling these ridiculous stats to pimp an average hockey player.

Let me ask all these Lats lovers last year your argument was he scored 16 goals two years in a row playing on the 4th line (conveniently forgetting the time he spent on the first line and played poorly) but your argument was put him on a top line and he'll produce. Well he has been on the top line. What has he produced? One meaningless goal that was scored at the end of the Maple Leafs route and for his assists he has piggy backed himself on the exceptional play of Tanguay and Koivu. The hockey skills he has demonstrated so far this year are on par with what most of you claimed Ryder provided. Terrible hockey skills yet Ryder that god awful player tallied 87 goals in three years. He earned his way on to the top line. It wasn't handed to him on a silver platter. So now that Lats hasn't lived up to your hype, you've gotta go searching for meaningless stats.

Yes his skating has improved slightly but everything else is the same. His positional play sucks like it did last year. His game involvement amounts to him giving a crushing body check and taking himself out of the play.

The more I see of Lats the more he reminds me of Kilger without the killer instinct. And Kilger was no killer.

Great post couldn't have said it better myself except for the crushing checks part. The kid is huge but plays really small, I don't think i've ever seen him throw a Phaneuf like check or dominate someone in the corners.

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