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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave View Post
Pronger was indeed traded, so Edmonton got something for him. However, I imagine Edmonton wanted Pronger, hence they signed him to a contract with their team. When Pronger said he wanted to be traded, he put his GM in a tough spot. From that point on, GM's around the league knew that he was going to be moved and so that lessens the bargaining power Lowe had. Pronger signed a deal with one team and then wanted nothing to do with them, despite them getting to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Oilers may have got something for him, but ultimately, they traded away what it was they really wanted.

On the topic of getting something for players who want to leave, what would you have wanted in return for Valentenko?

- His trade value is low so we wouldn't have got much back for him. Not to mention that trading him to another NHL team doesn't help Pavel any. He is still as far away as makes no difference from his family as he is in Montreal and he still won't be able to help his family.

- Perhaps you want financial compensation from Dynamo? What good will that do the Habs. Obviously, they are a business, so some money would be appreciated, but it won't change much. And it won't have an impact on the sporting side of les Canadiens as we wouldn't put that money towards another player. We wouldn't get cap space in return. So what do you want in return for him?

Dany Heatley was psychologically shaken you say? So, he wanted out of Atlanta for emotional reasons. He was traded for a good return, certainly. But he demanded a trade away from the team he signed a contract WITH, which is my point.

Pavel has just moved to Russia for emotional reasons, reasons that made staying in North America not an option, yet that is in some way wrong, you think? And again,on the trade/value angle, what would you think is a fair trade for Pavel Valentenko?

Is your family life straight forward? Do things flow along at a steady pace and any major changes are sign-posted well in advance? That's not how things are in my family and I'd assume how it is in other peoples families. If things in your family don't ever change wildly or rapidly, then please consider yourself fortunate.

Why did he not sign with a Russian team back then? His goal is to play in the NHL. His goal is to play with the Montreal Canadiens. He has said as much himself. However, right now, circumstances dictate to him that this is not an option.

How about I make you a deal? I'll spare you my bleeding heart if you spare us your nonsense. Deal?
I made my points and you made yours. As for "nonsense", I don't agree.

It"s ok for this young guy to want to make more money to help his family. he is doing it since he is 15. I am not against that.

I am against the fact that many players -especially from Russia- are not respecting signed contracts.

According to his agent based in Ottawa, when Valentenko arrived at home - for so-called personal reasons - his father had already arranged a lucrative contract with the Dynamos.

I rather called that child slavery if Pavel was unaware of that - which I doubt ! Pavel is a good boy and will bring home more money. Fine.

So, no father with cancer. And it is allright not to respect contracts.


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