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Originally Posted by zx81 View Post
You are obviously blinded by your hate towards Lats.
While he's not perfect and needs to work on his puck reception he helps the line quite often. Yesterday for example, his body check led directly to our first goal. He also made some nifty passes in his 9 minutes of play.

Suggesting that he should be in Hamilton directly from the 1st/2nd line in the big club is ridiculous. Especially after a start of 7 pts in 9 games.

The only thing I don't like from Lats is his ability to receive the puck. It's somewhat deficient but I'm sure he will improve this aspect once he gains more confidence.
I'm not blinded by anything.I dont' hate Lats. Gimme a break. I find it hilarious though how some have this irrational love for him and defend the guy no matter what. If Lats was on another team people would think he's a 3rd line player at best if that. But since he's on the Habs oh it's a different story. I do think he'd be better served playing more minutes in Hamilton. I just think we have guys in the system who are better than him right now and should be playing on the Habs instead. His inclusion on the 2nd line or whatever line we're calling it, is a smoke and mirrors job. You dont' honestly believe Lats is a top 6 forward do you? If not than his demotion to Hamilton isn't such a stretch. The guy might be good someday but right now there are others who would compliment that line and others much more in my opinion.

Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Can't help but notice Koivu and Tanguay creating alot of great scoring chances and Lats creating alot of great turnovers. Lats has had a pretty pass or two this year but he isn't keeping pace with that line at all. Higgins should get a shot considering his ability to finish.

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