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10-31-2008, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Look, I've seen Tremblay come up, Reisborough, Shutt, Lafleur and all the others after that. I know what a young player should look like and what to expect from him

Tremblay has a bad name on this site but I'll tell you this Tremblay at 18 was head and shoulders above Lats now at 21-22. Granted he had the benefit of coaches like Ruel and Bowman but he was a much better player and he was a gritty hockey player. Except for those useless body checks, Lats' play is soft. He loses most of his battles against the boards. His defensive play makes me wish we had Ryder back and his offensive positioning is at odds with his linemates.

Why do you think his play time is gradually being reduced? He's playing badly. He's suppose to be a powerforward....damn it Tanguay can show him a thing or two about playing in front of the net. A finesse player with a rep of being soft like Tanguay is constantly in front of the net battling it out for the puck. And where is Lats? Definitely not in front of the net.

The potential you speak of is minimal and was retarded by management's bad decision to keep him on the big team when he should have gone down.
I fail to see how you seeing Tremblay, Shutt, Lafleur, Riseborough play can magically make you an expert on predicting how a player will develop over the span of a 15-20year career.
Not to mention, there's no comparison possible between Lats and any of them.

I'll tell you what I've seen.
I've seen people thinking of Bertuzzi the same way you are about Lats.
Better yet, I've seen people think that about Cam Neely.
It can take some time to develop certain players, and that's where you're wrong. He's not supposed to be a Power Forward, they want him to become that. He was never a Power Forward in the juniors, but they converting him into one, and that my friend, takes time.

The way you talk off him is ridiculous. Useless bodychecks, but he's soft, loses most battles against the boards, horrendous on D, offensively lost. So how is such a bad player part of the most productive line of our team??..Oh yea, luck and piggyback riding..
You really proved how good you are at assessing talent.

He's playing badly?..Guillaume doesn't play on PK and isn't quite the regular on PP, but seeing as you don't think Ice Time is an important statistic, I didn't expect you to know that.
Did you know Lats was the 3rd Forward with the most ES Time? Only Kovy and Plek have more. But ya, that doesn't mean anything either..

It doesn't matter what YOU think Lats should be doing, or where he should be when on the ice. Carbo is the one that is running the bench, and he's obviously happy with the way Lats has been performing. So am I and so are the people that didn't expect too much out of Lats.

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