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10-31-2008, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadienErrant View Post
I am against the fact that many players -especially from Russia- are not respecting signed contracts.
Why especially from Russia? What sets them apart from a player from Canada, or Finland, or Brazil? Why not just say you don't like players who don't respect contracts they sign with a specific team?

In terms of a Russian player not respecting a contract for family reasons, or indeed any player from another continent, they don't have the same options open as a player from North America.

- A guy from North America doesn't have to deal with travelling to another continent to see his family. Chances are, he may be able to travel to see his family between games, which Mike Komisarek did when his mother had cancer. He regularly took trips down to New York to be with her and was back for the next game. For a player from another continent, such travel will not be such an easy task to undertake.

- A player from North America can ask/demand a trade to be closer to home and still play hockey and the team will get something for them (although pressumably the team would prefer to keep their player). A player from another continent does not have that option. When Montreal reacquired Traverse a few years back, he had just set up a family home in/around San Jose and his family was unable to join him in Hamilton. He played a few months with the Dogs but as a mark of respect, Gainey traded him back there for Biron.

What can Pavel do in that situation? He can't bring back a return from KHL team. In fact, from the sounds of it, if there is a clause that allows him back to Montreal next year, he has done just about what little he can to try and make sure Montreal don't lose all and any value from one of their assets. If he is at Habs camp next year, he won't have turned his back on the organisation, he'll have kept himself in game shape and the Habs will still have their asset, so what do they lose?

Out of interest, if Pavel had gone home and had announced he was retiring from hockey completely to help run a small family business, would you mind so much that he walked away from his contract with the Habs organisation? He can't do much in his situation. He has to help his family, which he can do in Russia. He may come back for the start of next year, which benefits the Habs. How would you have preferred him to handle the situation?

Either way, if a player demands a trade to another team, regardless of any return, they still want to walk away from the team they signed with, nationality makes no difference.

Originally Posted by CanadienErrant View Post
According to his agent based in Ottawa, when Valentenko arrived at home - for so-called personal reasons - his father had already arranged a lucrative contract with the Dynamos.
That does sound very strange, I'll give you that. I'd like to hear a better explanation of that myself.

Originally Posted by CanadienErrant View Post
So, no father with cancer.
His father may or may not have cancer, we haven't had a definitive report on that but some people have reported it. I wouldn't automatically rule it out yet.

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