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10-31-2008, 10:02 PM
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I'll come into the arguement, maybe if I put it in bullet points it'll sound better

- If you think Latendresse is playing great, you have really low expectations of hockey players

-Ryder had 85 goals in his first three years in the nhl, a feat that hadn't happen to a habs rookie since the 80's, earned his icetime, but everyone thought he was useless

-Higgins scored 74 goals in his first three years, hustles in and out every game,most definately earned his ice time, but he's overrated lets trade him.

-Latendresse scored 32 goals in two years, to reach either of those totals we must score 42 goals and 53 goals, which I doubt he does in the next three years.

-Lats has soft hands according to many, but I have yet to see him handle passes without them bouncing off his stick and this is a constant problem, 8 times out of 10 he'll mishandle the puck.

-Hitting is beautiful, but I have yet to see hit a player and seperate the puck from that player on a consistent basis, heck it doesn't even happen once every ten games.

-He's good along the boads, no duh, he's 235 pounds, Laraque, Kostopoulos, Lappiere play well in the boards also, lets play them with Tanguay and Koivu.

-I honestly believe that if either Kostopoulos or Lappiere was playing with Tanguay and Koivu right now, they'd have 6 assists as well.

If I had time to write more right now I would but i'll leave it at this, those who think he's is playing absolutley amazing right now, I honestly believe that you have zero to none expectations from this kid because I honestly believe that if you put any grinder on the line they'd provide you with the exact same game Lats has been offering, checking players without seperating the puck, throwing the puck into the slot or in front of the net hoping for someone to be there, carrying the puck off the half boards and passing it to the point. In two years and 9 games I have yet to say "holy **** what a pass, or holy **** what a play" when Lats is making a play.

Those who want to believe he'll become a 30-40 guy, possible 40-40 guy, you're just kidding yourselves, those who think he wont score at all, you're kidding youself.

He'll never be more than a 20-15 player, and if he plays with Koivu and Tanguay maybe he can be a 20-25 player getting more assists because of Koivu and Tanguay's finish, but there's nothing to be going crazy for a 20-15 guy.

Sad but true.

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