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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
A scene from the Carolina game told me all I needed to know about Higgins. He had the puck near the crease on a PP. Markov was sneaking in from the left side, rushing alone to the net. Higgins NEVER took a look. Never. It's as if he couldn't see Markov. And I believe he couldn't see him, because I truly believe the guy doesn't have a good peripheral vision.

And, guess what, he took a shot from a bad angle. Markov had an empty net.

Higgins with Koivu and Tanguay would mean that the latter would seldom see the puck, because Higgins just can't see 180 degrees. He just can't.

Of all the forwards on the first 3 lines, he's got the worst hockey vision. What would warrant a 1st line try?
I like the hustle and the energy Higgins brings, but somehow, I find he's not a puck possession player. So the mistake here is that Higgins should never carry the puck too long... He must free himself to have good opportunities... If he frees himself, the other players will find him.

However, he's clearly not a puck possession player. I'd like to see more of him on the PK, and I'd like to see Sergei carry the puck more on this line, but he's got to be the first to the puck to do this... and now, the guy is just not paying the price.

I can't help but think Higgins is the one who would get traded if a deal was offered to get that missing piece - a great defenseman to play with Hamrlik -. Gainey has given this team a puck-possession identity, and it's just not the style Higgins plays...

However, sometimes his style of play is what it takes, depending on the team we play. I don't know... I'm so confused about this player... I don't really know what to think when I take a look at the big picture.

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