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11-01-2008, 02:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Erika Kostitsyn View Post
+ 888375898435789576384956456478674890456. I agree with you completely.

What the hell Higgins has done this season (and even last season) to prove he's better than Lang and Sergei ?!?! It's not like if the guy was elite and played with two grinders. In fact, it's the opposite, 2 skilled guys playing with THE GRINDER !! That line was better with Kostopoulos, truly sad. Higgins created ZERO, Niet, Rien, Nothing so far on this line. If he's that good, he would be the catalyst of the line, which is totally out of his capabilities. The line roll only when Sergei makes it roll, not Higgins, plain and simple.

Honestly, Higgins is the most overrated Habs player I've seen in my life. Higgins fans are completely bias and wears rose glasses. Face it people, his stone hands and his lack of offensive vision makes him a solid grinder at best !! Giving his ice time and especially powerplay time, 52 points is far from good. A good player would put around 70-80 points easilly giving all the offensive opportunities Higgins had.

This season, with the offensive depth on this team, Higgins will no longer have huge powerplay time and he will barely put around 35-40 points, MARK MY WORDS !!

Also, Latendresse skills >>> Higgins skills. Higgins plays like a headless chicken running around, creating ZERO OFFENSE !! The guy can't pass to save his life and scores 1 goal out of 1000 chances. Latendresse is doing a great job on Koivu's line, so what Super Higgins would do better ?! Shoot the puck on the Goalie's chest ?! At least, Latendresse would be better in a few years, while Higgins is close to his peak already.

I'm tired of all the people defending Higgins as if he was a god or something. Some even wants to demote Latendresse that is doing good right now for a struggling Higgins ?! Just to please the wannabe 40 goals scorer ?! LOL

Enough said !!

Um wow....I mean I agree that Sergei is a brilliant play maker...but Lats has not shown that he has superior skills to Higgins at all....Lats has certainly improved since last season, especially in skating, but not at a level that clearly demonstrates he's better than Higgins. Lets put it this way....Higgins main problem was finishing chances....he was quick and fast and skilled enough to find himself in the right place for a good many chances and if he learns to bury his chances then he could indeed be a 40 goal scorer....its a big IF....but I believe its he has definitely not peaked and could potentially settle down and finesse those chances more.

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